Who are we?

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Our vision

To inspire and contribute to a global movement of sustainable entrepreneurship that drives positive environmental and social change.

We envision a future where businesses prioritize sustainability, innovation, and social responsibility, leading to a thriving and resilient society that respects and protects our planet.

Our Mission

To empower entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations to integrate sustainability into their core operations and create impactful projects that address pressing environmental and social challenges.

Through our project management, research expertise, and comprehensive complementary support services, we strive to foster a sustainable entrepreneurship culture where businesses thrive by embracing sustainable practices and driving positive change in their communities.


Our Structure

Our Core values

These four values form the foundation of our consultancy, guiding our interactions, decisions, and initiatives as we work towards a future where sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation are not just ideals but integral components of a thriving global business landscape.

Sustainability Advocacy

At the core of our consultancy is an unwavering commitment to promoting sustainability in entrepreneurship and innovation. We passionately advocate for environmentally conscious practices, social responsibility, and ethical business conduct. Our goal is to inspire and guide entrepreneurs to build businesses that contribute positively to the planet and society.

Innovation Excellence

We believe in the power of innovation to drive positive change. Our consultancy fosters a culture of creativity, forward thinking, and continuous improvement. We strive to be at the forefront of sustainable business practices, encouraging our clients to embrace innovation as a means to enhance their environmental and social impact while remaining competitive in the market.

Collaborative Ecosystem

Collaboration is key to achieving lasting impact. We actively cultivate a supportive ecosystem that brings together entrepreneurs, industry experts, investors, and community stakeholders. By fostering strong partnerships, knowledge sharing, and cross-sector collaboration, we create an environment where sustainable businesses can thrive, and collective efforts lead to meaningful change.

Ethical Leadership

We are dedicated to nurturing ethical leadership within the realm of sustainable entrepreneurship. Our consultancy places a high value on integrity, transparency, and responsible decision-making. We guide and empower entrepreneurs to lead with purpose, ensuring that their businesses not only succeed financially but also contribute positively to the well-being of people and the planet.

Our mission pursues 6 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals,
which determine the content, target group and purpose of our services:​
Through these UN Sustainable Development Goals,
we create impact and contribute to a world with:

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